Using sugar for hair removal?

Using sugar for hair removal?

by Eunice Chua 25 Jan 2019

Shaving is too troublesome, waxing is too painful and laser treatments are too expensive. What these three common hair-removal solutions have in common is their commercial, contrived nature. Why not opt for an organic solution that’s not only pain-free and affordable, but takes care of your skin as well?


We all love our organic, preservative-free food these days and we’ve also probably tried out some organic skin or hair-care products, so there’s nothing wrong with giving an all-natural method of body hair removal the ol' college try!


How is it done?

Sugaring is a technique of removing hair through the application of a natural (and edible!) paste made of sugar, lemon juice and water onto parts of your body. This is typically performed manually by a trained aesthetician, who applies the mixture in the opposite direction of hair growth before leaving it to dry and harden slightly for a few short seconds. The hair is then ready to be removed, and it’s done so by flicking off the paste layer in the natural direction of the hair growth.


The difference between waxing and sugaring

In normal waxing, the layer of hair is hardened by the wax and this leads to the hair being broken off at the surface at a rate of up to 15-30% when the wax layer is removed. What sugaring does instead is to remove the entire hair strand, allowing the hair to grow back slower and smoother. The paste used in sugaring is also less harmful to your skin than wax, since the sugar mixture is applied at room temperature as compared to hot wax. Because sugaring is made from natural, edible materials, it can be easily removed with just water whereas wax has to be removed chemically.


What kind of results you will see

As a whole, sugaring treatments are gentle to your skin and won’t leave you with bumps and redness, unlike shaving or waxing. After several cycles of sugaring, you will also notice that your body hair appears much finer and thinner, which makes it more invisible. Sugaring isn’t just limited to the usual areas for hair removal like your legs, arms and bikini area; it can also be done on your underarms and lips!


Natural solutions are in such high demand these days because consumers are growing increasingly concerned about what they put in/on their bodies. Considering that our skin is the largest organ in our body, any form of external medical or aesthetic treatment really ought to be safe for the skin – a criteria that sugaring surely fulfils!