Watch the post-workout sweets!

Watch the post-workout sweets!

by Pamela Ng 22 Feb 2020

We all know sweet and sugary foods aren’t the healthiest by any measure, but eating them after working out brings out its negative effects to a whole new level. While snacks after exercising can help to restore energy levels, processed sweets and sugars aren’t one of them. Here are some things you need to know about snacking on sweets after the working out:


1. Sugar reduces fat oxidation

Fat oxidation is the process where fats are broken down to be used as energy. This helps you to create the leaner look you want. At the same time, having less fat helps to show the muscles that you have been working so hard to build! Downing sugar-sweetened drinks after working out can hamper fat oxidation, and your body won’t be able to burn as much fat as you would have liked.


2. Sugar can ruin your metabolism

Sugar can increase the amount of the calories in our bodies. And while they can be burned, there will still be a surplus when it comes to total caloric intake. This is because the energy needed to metabolise the sugar doesn’t make up for the number of calories coming from the sugar. In the end, the excess calories can contribute to weight-related health problems such as obesity and diabetes.


3. Sugar can lead to excessive eating

Consuming high amounts of sugar can increase a craving for salty and savoury foods. These foods are often not the healthiest due to their high sodium content and preservatives (think potato chips and salted fries). Such snacking can cause an increase in unhealthy food consumption which can lead to a whole range of other health problems.


We all crave a sweet bite every once in a while, but snacking on sweets after exercising is pushing the limit. Subjecting our bodies to such sweet torture (pun intended) for a moment of pleasure isn’t only unhealthy, but does a huge disservice to our efforts. With all the hard work that goes into training, it is a pity to see any efforts or results going down the drain. So next time your sweet tooth starts acting up, remind yourself that it’s going to take more than a sugary siren song to bring you down!