We don’t “deserve” to be fit

We don’t “deserve” to be fit

by Ashley Tan 03 Apr 2018

After completing long, gruelling workout routines, it can get extremely frustrating when you don’t see the results that you’ve been pining for and expecting. You may think, “I deserve to be shredded after all of the effort that I’ve put in!” After all, you have worked hard, and this should merit some kind of reward, right? Well, harbouring such a mindset can be a step backwards, especially when we take this sense of entitlement too far, and use it as a form of license rather than motivation. 


First and foremost, it is important to recognise that no one is ever entitled to a fit and trim body – attaining this requires an indefinite amount of hard work. There is no threshold that one needs to pass in order to be “deserving” of being fit, because your body is always a work in progress, and no amount of hard work will ever warrant that sort of license. However, if you do find yourself unintentionally protesting that you “deserve” to be fit every once in a while, don’t beat yourself up over it; just keep yourself in check and remind yourself to purge that word from your internal lexicon! 


In order to get rid of the “deserve” mentality, the best thing to do is to remain focused by continually telling yourself that consistency is key. No one owes you anything when it comes to fitness, so you’ll just need to take steady, unyielding steps to help yourself achieve your fitness goals. Ultimately, having the right attitude is critical to success. Only by finding new ways to reinvent and improve ourselves can we truly achieve our goals, especially when it comes to fitness.


At the same time, you only live once, which means that you should enjoy life while you still can! Taking a cheat day once in a while to enjoy your favourite snacks and drinks is totally fine and even encouraged, because it can keep you motivated. After all, there’s no better motivator than thinking about how delicious a piping hot slice of pepperoni pizza at the end of the week will taste when you’ve been putting in the time, running hard, sweating buckets, and kicking ass all around!


Here’s a little nugget of truth for you: we GET to be fit. We have the opportunity to turn our lives around and be healthier for it. We are empowered to take affirmative action in order to attain the physique we’ve always yearned for. We have the choice to strive for progress, working towards being better than the person we were before. There will be times when hard work doesn’t yield the dividends that we’re expecting, but by remembering that all of this operates on the precedent that is determined by your choice, you remain level-headed and most importantly, humble.


Feeling like we are deserving of certain things in life, especially after we’ve put in the effort, is part of human nature. When we feel like we’ve worked hard for something, we almost automatically expect to reap the fruits of our labour. However, a harvest can easily turn rotten, despite our best efforts. If it all sounds like a game of chance to you, that’s because it is. There will be things that exist outside our sphere of influence and even our consideration, so there is no such thing as an assured success. By replacing “deserve” with “get”, we can effectively upend this debilitating notion of privilege and redirect our focus to what matters – staying the course.