Wellness gifts for healthy mums

Wellness gifts for healthy mums

by Evigan Xiao 04 May 2018

Roses and wish cards may be the annual go-to for Mother’s Day, but why not go above and beyond this year? The day of May 13 commemorates women everywhere who gave up so much just so their child could be the person they are today, so treat this date as the perfect opportunity to return the favour in spades!


1. Himalayan salt lamp

Aside from looking gorgeously rustic, these salt lamps give off a nice calming glow that is much more relaxing than regular lamps. They also come with a dimmer dial that fine-tune’s the brightness to match the room’s ambience.


2. Blue light-blocking glasses

Not only is excessive blue light exposure bad for the eyes, but they can also interfere with brain’s ability to relax. These glasses block up to 95% of blue light and can be heat-moulded by your optometrist for a custom fit.


3. Miss Universe Style Illuminate by CHI Titanium hair dryer

It’s not just about horsepower when it comes to hair dryers; cheap models tend to give off copious amounts of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation which typically spells trouble for hair health. The Style Illuminate uses a ceramic heater that promotes negative ions which help to reduce the amount of frizz and bring out that coveted shine.


4. Hoka One One sneaker

Active mums and running go together like Greek yoghurt and blueberries! To keep mummy dearest’s feet in tip-top shape, invest in a quality running sneaker like the Hoka Hupana. Its features include a fully-cushioned midsole that’s both responsive and lightweight, as well as a moulded Ortholite sockliner that stays cool and dry even under the most demanding of 5Ks.


5. Manduka yoga towel

Most yoga enthusiasts pride themselves in investing in a quality mat, but what about when the time comes to wipe themselves down after a nice sweat sesh? Not only is the Manduka yoga towel super-absorbent and quick-drying, but can also be laid on top of your yoga mat to add traction for sweaty palms and feet.


6. The Living Clearly Method by Hilaria Baldwin

Celebrity Hilaria Baldwin reveals how she stays centred in her life, even when it includes being a mother of three, businesswoman, yoga instructor, Instagram sensation and wife of a successful Hollywood actor. An illuminating read that provides plenty of lifestyle tips and hacks for all mums.


7. Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25

Chapped and cracked lips are the bane of women everywhere, but it’s nothing a good lip balm can’t handle! Kiehl’s product is formulated using coconut oil and anti-oxidants that keeps lips moisturised for up to 12 hours after application. It also comes with broad spectrum SPF 25 for added protection on sunny days.


8. Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock

No one likes rude awakenings, especially when it comes in the form of an obnoxious alarm blaring. Instead of going down the route of auditory assault, the Philips alarm clock uses light therapy to rouse the sleeper instead, which is clinically shown to improve energy levels upon waking.


9. Sleep Master sleep mask

Most sleep masks are notoriously uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time; who can sleep when it feels like they have an elastic band stretched around their head? The Sleep Master circumvents this by using a lightweight satin material that is fully adjustable and breathable. It’s also latex-free and hypoallergenic – perfect for both travel and at home!


10. Good Vibes colouring book

Who says that colouring books are solely for children? Whether your mum’s the type who religiously stays within the lines or lets her creativity run wild, she’s bound to enjoy getting in touch with her inner artist! With 30 activities that includes sections on shading, patterning, blending and colour theory, you just might end up facing some competition on whose drawing ends up getting tagged on the refrigerator door!


While these gifts are the absolute tops when it comes to showing the same care and affection to your mum as she did to you, don’t let this be a simple one-off display of gratitude. Make it a point to regularly show your mother the extent of your gratefulness – cook her a nice meal once a week or organise monthly shopping/spa trips. It’s the least you can do after all the diapers she’s changed!