Wellness trends for 2018

Wellness trends for 2018

by Vanessa Ng 25 Dec 2017

2017 proved to be a fruitful year for the wellness movement. More and more people are beginning to recognise the benefits of well-rounded fitness routines, customised personal care products as well as sustainable, high quality food. Here are five predicted wellness trends for 2018 that are well-placed to impact not just life at home, but at work as well.


1. Booming demand for personalised fitness routines

With the increased exposure to corporate wellness programmes, employees will now know what they want. Tailor-made small group programmes that are both flexible and customisable depending on employees’ work schedules and exercise preferences will be in high demand. There will no longer be your run-of-the-mill Zumba and yoga classes, but a variety of different courses that target different aspects of your body with varying goals to achieve strength, flexibility, or to lose weight instead. That comes as no surprise since there are is an increasing need to better suit thousands of employees of different ages and fitness levels.


Additionally, employers are also expected to engage employees via digital platforms to gather feedback and opinion. This also means that they have the power to customise specific health goals and the means to achieve them on a digital platform. The power of data analytics will be tapped upon more through the integration of fitness trackers such as Fitbit into various tracking apps. Customised support and rewards may also be implemented to motivate individual progress.


While fitness classes still remain a popular choice, the idea of having an individualised training programme is gaining popularity amongst the masses. Many such individuals are starting their journey with a history of injury or movement issues, so the idea of having a training regimen that addresses these weak points while simultaneously improving their health holds great appeal.


2. Emergence of healthy vending machines

Instead of sugary carbonated drinks and potato chips, vending machines will start to serve healthier and delicious alternatives. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, fresh salads, nuts and more are just some of the offerings that will be increasingly rolled out in healthy vending machines. The old narrative of convenience being unhealthy when it comes to food may soon be a thing of the past! With more of such vending machines popping up in work places, shopping malls and around the neighbourhood, residents will find it much easier to keep a healthy lifestyle even when strapped for time.


3. Breathwork as an advanced alternative to meditation

With all the books and courses on mindfulness and meditation, it comes as no surprise that the market for stress management is expansive. In the coming year, we can expect this focus to continue to grow and evolve. Specifically, breathwork is likely to be a trending buzzword on the personal, group, and corporate level.


Breathwork is a convenient alternative to meditation that can be used anytime and anywhere to buffer stress, clear cluttered minds, facilitate decision making and raise energy levels. It involves having a specific pattern of controlled breathing to manage your nervous system and your body. This conscious breathing employs the diaphragm which stimulates the vagus nerve – a process very much like laughing.


As a popular spiritual practice back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, breathwork is poised to make a comeback. It is scientifically proven to be capable of shifting your body from an anxious and sympathetic state to a para-sympathetic relaxed one. It is even seen as a shortcut to reach the meditative state.


4. Surging demand for quality sleep

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, many stressed and tired individuals find it excruciatingly difficult to fall asleep and get quality rest time. In 2018, health-conscious individuals will want to become more proactive when it comes to ensuring a good night’s rest. Beyond education on how to rid poor sleeping habits, the demand for sleep optimisation products such as a white noise-makers and ambience alarms is on the rise. Mattress companies are also becoming more invested in how to make their products more alignment-friendly so as to promote a better quality of sleep. Relaxation courses, essential oils and even weighted blankets and silk pillows will become hot sellers in the quest to get deep, restorative rest.


5. Emphasis on planet conservation

An increasing number of businesses are making sustainability and environmental ethics a core part of their business. Some have gone a step further to target environmentally-conscious consumers who care about their personal carbon footprint and waste generation. Take sports giant Nike for instance: they have taken the lead by introducing Flyleather, a sneaker made with sustainable leather that has only half the typical carbon footprint. Adidas also has the UltraBoost sneaker, with each shoe being made from the equivalent of 11 plastic bottles worth of plastic found in the ocean. As more and more companies “go green”, consumers will be empowered to practice a level of selectiveness never thought possible.


A new year brings with it plenty of new possibilities! While 2017 sure isn’t ending on a low note, there seems to be plenty in store for the health-conscious in 2018. With the overall theme being one of sustainability and longevity, things could very well carry over into 2019!