What happens when you eat junk food

What happens when you eat junk food

by Jenani Selvaraj 13 Feb 2020

Junk food is just one of those things that you know is bad for your body, but that doesn’t stop us from craving them! Whether they’re chips, donuts, fries or cakes, modern lifestyle makes it all too easy for such things to take root in our dietary habits. Aside from the high-sugar and high-fat combination that makes junk food so undesirable, here are some other reasons that should make you think twice before chomping down on that convenience store burger.


1. Energy levels

Since junk food is usually insufficient when it comes to providing the human body with requisite amount of nutrients for optimal functioning, it’s not unlikely that you won’t have enough energy for the rest of the day if you subsist on a diet of fast food. While they can be a significant source of calories, most of them are “empty”. Calories devoid of nutrients are about as useful to the body as a cup of sugar.


2. Internal organs

A sugar-laden diet could increase the risk of inflammation and heart disease. This could eventually lead to other physical issues that are accompanied by hormonal changes in the body. These changes in turn could also lead to high blood pressure and have a negative effect on the liver and arteries. Closely resembling a domino effect, diet-related health problems rarely occur in isolation.


3. Obesity

Weight-gain in terms of body-fat percentage is dangerous. Excessive amounts of visceral fat can lead to problems such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. A sudden increase in weight can also put pressure on the joints of the lower body and lead to inflammation as well as an accelerated rate of joint-aging. 


Junk food is something we should steer away from due to its effects on our health and wellbeing. With moderation and balance however, the occasional indulgence is nothing to worry about. One slice of cake on a special occasion is fine, but to have it on a daily basis is something that no sane person should ever consider.