What people tend to overlook in picking a gym

What people tend to overlook in picking a gym

by Ashley Tan 04 Jan 2020

When you think about getting a gym membership, what’s the first thing that you consider? The most common concerns include the size of the gym, or the quality and range of equipment available. While these are indeed important factors that play into your final decision, the quality of your gym experience rests on more than just the superficial. 


Available services

Globo gyms are one of the most popular types of gyms available, partly because they tend to be quite affordable due to their position at the low end of the market. While globo gyms offer equipment that would typically satisfy your fitness wants and needs, they would probably not be the best option if you’re holding expectations of personalised services from the staff there. Yet if all you’re looking for are the basics such as locker room, shower and towel amenities, most if not all globo gyms should suffice.


Service model

Box gyms are a step up from globo gyms, considering the fact that you will likely be paying membership fees that are anywhere from two times to six times the price of membership elsewhere. You may not contemplate the reasons for the higher costs, and may choose to go with the box gym simply because it appears to be a posher, deluxe version of other gyms. However, before jumping on to this bandwagon, you should consider whether you’d be a good fit for a particular box gym. Some specialise in group classes, while others dabble exclusively in HIIT-style training. There are also personal training-only studios that require you to sign up with a trainer before being granted access to the premises.


Expertise and quality of client relationship

Perhaps the most common form of fitness training would be engaging a personal trainer. Taking the exorbitant prices of private training into consideration is one thing, but the truth of the matter is that not all coaches will fit your personal needs, or possess the skills and expertise to help you reach specific goals. For instance, some coaches may not feel confident coaching more senior individuals, or competitive athletes. One clear way to distinguish whether a coach is self-aware and capable is to find out whether he is conscious of his own limitations – most good coaches are aware of what they can or cannot do, and will usually opt against taking a trainee whom they feel they are unable to help. Evaluating your potential coach would thus help you discern whether you should go ahead with engaging him to help you in your fitness goals.


Having a coach who’s able to able to establish a healthy rapport with you is also a crucial aspect to consider. No matter how well-qualified or established a personal trainer is, he/she must be able to connect with you on an emotional level. It’s not about the pitfalls of toxic relationships; a trainer who is unable to “get” his/her client will not be able to function at their best and this will be reflected in the client’s long-term progress as well.


To ensure that you stick to a regular fitness regimen with success, it is important that you appraise your choices of gyms in all its aspects. Finding a suitable gym is like matchmaking – both parties will need to be able to see eye to eye for true progress to be made.