What’s the deal with organic wine?

What’s the deal with organic wine?

by Vanessa Ng 23 Jan 2020

With the hype surrounding all foods organic, it is no wonder that organic wine is now becoming a thing. You see it popping up on your social media feed, and even featured at the supermarket. With the attractive packaging and fancy name, it can be tempting to assume that its benefits largely outweigh that of its non-organic counterparts. However, is this pricy tipple worth it?


What makes wine organic

The USDA has three levels of certification for organic wine – “100% organic”, “organic”, and finally, “made with organic grapes”. One of the key differences amongst the categories lie in the number of sulphites, which are preservatives that keep the wine from spoiling or oxidising. Fully organic wine is touted as having the lowest sulphite count among the three categories.


The myth about curing hangovers

Since sulphites are believed to cause hangovers, many believe that drinking organic wine can prevent hangovers altogether. In fact, some even think that it can reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions to alcohol such as hives or headaches.


The truth is that while organic wines can taste lighter and contain lesser alcohol, overconsumption will still result in a hangover. In fact, most of us are probably already used to having sulphites in our food. For example, sulphites are even present in dried fruit to prevent them from browning. Amino acids in our body also produce them to break down alcohol toxins.


Due to the lack of sulphites, organic wine will suffer from having a shorter shelf life because of its minimal preservation and stabilisation features. Since wines are typically costly and cannot afford to be spoilt within a few weeks of opening, most wine makers advocate the use of small amounts of preservatives and sulphites into organic wine.


Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal taste and preferences. If you feel like trying something new and splurging a little to treat yourself, have at it! Alternatively, if you’re having a big gathering and wouldn’t have a problem polishing off a bottle or two, then there’s no need to worry about all that organic wine going to waste!