Why did I gain weight over the weekend?

Why did I gain weight over the weekend?

by Vanessa Ng 12 Jan 2020

For most, it is always a worry to bear witness to a surplus when stepping on a weighing scale. This can be especially devastating if a significant gain is observed after a weekend. What does gaining extra weight over the weekend mean and is it as bad as it sounds?


First of all, it is important to not be overly affected by weight gain. It will be assuring to know that short-term weight gain is almost always attributed to a gain in water weight. This is especially so if you have been eating healthily throughout but decided to binge eat or have a buffet to treat yourself over the weekend. In this case, your body will retain fluid from the food consumed. This is especially so if the food is salty. Alternatively, your muscles may be hanging on to more fluid to help with repair, recovery, and glycogen replenishment.


With that in mind, it is important to know that it is normal, and healthy, to lose weight at a slower rate than gaining weight (we’re talking an actual gain in body mass, not water weight). While it can be utterly disheartening to see the 3 kilograms which you have worked so hard to lose come back within two days, bear in mind that weight-loss is typically at a rate of 0.5 to 1 kilogram a week, which means that you would need at least 3 weeks to lose 3 kilograms. While reality shows popularise drastic weight-loss that go up to double digits every week, it is more often than not unachievable and even unhealthy for many people.


Thankfully, it is possible for you to make some simple changes to your life to mitigate unwanted weight-gain. Moderate your sodium intake and limit high-carb high-fat foods such as pizza that can cause bloating and water retention. When it comes to having your cheat meals, be very conscious of your potion sizes. Things like fried chicken and fries have a nasty habit of egging our appetites on, even when we’ve already had out fill.


Gaining extra weight over the weekend should not be a cause for despair. If it’s water that you’re holding on to, eating normally for the next couple of days exercising, getting adequate rest and drinking plenty of fluids should be enough to coax your body into flushing itself out. Unless you’ve spent the entire weekend eating and sleeping, it’s very unlikely that the weigh you’ve put on is actually fat, so try not to lose any sleep over it!