Why do I wake up with a blocked nose?

Why do I wake up with a blocked nose?

by Vanessa Ng 07 Jan 2020

Do you wake up with a blocked nose? Is it frustratingly stuffed to the point that you sometimes need to breathe through your mouth instead? Waking up with a blocked nose can be very annoying. You are, however, not alone. A blocked nose affects about 10 to 20 percent of the population. Why does it happen though?


1. Allergies

Allergy is a common explanation for nasal congestion. Environmental allergens may have caused your immune system to over-react while you were asleep, triggering the production of anti-bodies and histamines. While anti-histamines can be useful for serious outbreaks, prolonged usage can have a diminishing effect on their effectiveness. Instead, you can try experimenting with more holistic methods like raw honey, apple cider vinegar and essential oils (frankincense and eucalyptus) for natural remedy relief.


2. Mould

There may also be mould spores that entered your room through a tiny crack in your window or door. Even if they are sealed shut, the moisture from your toilet in your bedroom may have had a dampening effect on your bedroom. Remember to open up the window after showering to allow residual moisture to escape, and keep the general area as dry as possible. A room dehumidifier can also help to manage the moisture levels in your room


3. Pets

Your furry, four-legged pal could also be the unwitting cause for your nasal nightmares. The saliva or sweat of your dog or cat contains pet dander, which can linger for months. Investing in an air purifier that uses a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.


4. Dust mites

You house may have dust mite allergens in carpets, and even on the pillow that you plop your face on every night. As you can imagine, dust mites’ droppings are extremely small in size (only a few microns wide) and can be easily breathed in. Wash your laundry regularly with an anti-allergy laundry detergent. Also consider getting hard flooring instead of a carpet, while keeping your bedroom clutter-free to avoid dust collection.


Of course, there are medical causes such as sinusitis, colds and flu, nasal polyps and more that can contribute to nasal congestion. Finding out why you are waking up with a blocked nose is important in curing it. While allergy avoidance is the most effective way to completely prevent a blocked nose, persistent episodes are a cause for concern and should be referred to a doctor. Keep your nose in the know!