Why going dry this July makes so much sense

Why going dry this July makes so much sense

by Evigan Xiao 10 Jul 2018

Yes – this July is all about hanging your booze mugs out to dry. While we all know the vast majority of adults socialise over drinks – it’s been the conventional norm for the better part of the century. Yet, passing on the bar over the weekend can be quite the revelation. At least when it comes to your social circle, forsaking drinks on Saturday can be a deepening experience.


If you manage to rope your friends in to join you in Dry July, then congrats – you’ve got a real bunch of pals with you! While it may seem like the absence of alcohol diminishes the joy of socialising, it actually gives you the opportunity to explore other activities. Try parking yourselves in a board game café for a couple of hours or try paintball with separate teams. Just in case your gang needs a little more convincing, here are four other reasons why staying booze-free rocks:


  • More money in the bank

Life’s too short to waste it on lousy booze, but decent drinks don’t exactly come cheap either, especially if your city has a hefty tax on alcohol. Ultimately, a smaller (preferably non-existent) bar tab means a healthier bank balance. That means you get to either put more away for yourself or have more to play with when the time comes to splurge!


  • Increased productivity

No one likes (or even wants) to work when their head feels it’s playing host to a party of jackhammers going off all at once. Aside from not having to deal with hangovers, halting the drinks also frees up a bunch of personal time you never thought you had. You can pursue healthier and more restorative activities with your free time, which will lead to you feeling more refreshed and motivated when the time comes to get down to brass tacks.


  • Look (and feel) better

Most people who have dropped alcohol from their lives would agree that some of the changes that typically follow are quite noticeable. Better skin, increased energy levels, improved sleep quality and body composition are just some of the physical benefits you can expect to receive.


There are also several psychological benefits to consider when it comes to easing up on the drinks: decrease in mood swings, lowered instances of anxiety and depression, and higher levels of confidence and motivation. You’re also less prone to making hasty decisions while inebriated – the kind that you always end up regretting immensely. You know the ones I’m talking about; beer goggles don’t do anyone any favours.


Of course, no one’s forcing you to be a teetotaller. At the very least, take this month as an opportunity to explore what an abstinence of alcohol can do for you and your social circle. While the health benefits are probably the most obvious ones, there’s also the prospect of discovering new ways to have fun. Good times are so much better when you’re in a clear state of mind to enjoy them after all!