Why we don't need to be perfect

Why we don't need to be perfect

by Pamela Ng 21 Feb 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if everything can turn out the way we want it to? If we can live in a big house or be forever beautiful – basically be perfect without even trying? Perfection is like living in a daydream and waking up to something lesser compared to your imagination. Here’s the thing: there is no such thing as true perfection. But it doesn’t matter; we don’t need to be perfect. 


Nothing is “perfect”

In life, everything comes with an upside and a downside. As such, the notion of being truly perfect is a misguided one. Everyone has flaws including the celebrities you follow on Instagram and even your loved ones. Chasing the dream of being perfect is like chasing a dragon; it just doesn’t exist.


Everyone has different definitions of “perfect”

One’s man meat is another man’s poison. Similarly, what you deem to be great and wonderful may not be so much of that in someone else’s perspective. Everyone has their own definition of “perfect”, and it doesn’t do you any good to force yourself to fit into a mould that clearly wasn’t made with you in mind. You can be your own version of “perfect” instead of conforming to societal pressures or someone else’s standards.


Your version of “perfect” can be riddled with imperfections

No matter how much you chase to be your own version of “perfect”, there will be some point in time that you find yourself falling short, even for yourself. It doesn’t matter! Everyone meets with setbacks in their life. Because nothing is perfect, your own version of “perfect” will include imperfections too. That is okay, because as long as growth continues, you’re good where you are.


More respect comes from being imperfect

Perhaps you haven’t realised, not every A-lister goes through picture-perfect lives. Behind the star-stubbed events, galas and photos, there is always an untold story. The difference is that they own their imperfections, and they make it up with something more commendable: grit. Ultimately, this commands more respect compared to being born with a silver spoon and gifted in every sense of the word. Take at the look at the lives of famous people such as Jack Ma, Ellen DeGeneres and Lee Kuan Yew – their triumph over adversity as opposed to the absence of it, is what made them what they are today.


Like the saying goes, “There is beauty in every imperfection”. If you feel like you’re at a standstill, get up and do something about it. Learn a new skill or set a new goal; what matters is your determination to grow. Your circumstances, good or bad, will pass in time as long as you’re willing to move forward in life.