Why you should be adding baking soda to your water

Why you should be adding baking soda to your water

by Muhaimin X 13 Jan 2020

It's pretty common to hear about someone using baking soda as a cleaning product, but as a drink additive? Surprisingly, this household staple has its fair share of versatile uses in everyday life.


According to Nutritious Life founder Keri Glassman, MS, CD, and RDN, the uses of natural mineral sodium bicarbonate extends beyond DIY cleaning products and whitening teeth. Adding baking soda to one’s water can also bring about certain health benefits.


1. It improves your digestive system

If you're having regular stomach issues, baking soda helps to maintain a healthy pH balance throughout the digestive system for optimal digestion, minimised acid reflux, and healthy bowel functioning.


2. It helps to promote cardiovascular health

A jeopardised cardiovascular system can lead to issues such as decreased energy levels and can negatively impact mental functions, digestion, and virus immunity. A teaspoon of baking soda in an eight-ounce glass of water daily can detoxify and improve blood flow in the arteries by helping to clear blockages.


3. It relieves stomach bloating

Stomach bloat can be a huge pain to deal with. Fortunately, once you know that you’re dealing with bloat and not inflammation, try relieving yourself of this uncomfortable situation with a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in four to six ounces of water. According to Brandon, this works by “returning the pH to neutral levels”, so that “the body’s gases can be calmed and the digestive processes, acids, and enzymes can return to their natural state and foods can be broken down normally without issues and disruptions,” which reputedly helps alleviate the issues causing your bloat.


4. It aids a healthy kidney

The kidneys are an important organ in the body that help to regulate important bodily functions. With a daily cup of water and a teaspoon of baking soda, Brandon says you can better regulate your body’s pH level and help improve your hormone balance, nutrient absorption, and blood quality—all of which can help your kidney stay healthy.


In addition, a study conducted at the Royal London Hospital showed 134 patients with advanced chronic kidney disease who had a daily dose of baking soda were able to (alongside regular treatment) slow the decline of their kidneys’ health by two-thirds as compared to those who didn’t have baking soda.


Baking soda seems like a pretty low-key pantry item. In fact, most people have a box of baking soda in their fridge, freezer, pantry and perhaps even in their bathroom. Yet, not everyone knows how therapeutic baking soda can be in certain situations. Who would have thought this humble white powder could be capable of so much more?