Yoga and lifting weights - a match made in heaven?

Yoga and lifting weights - a match made in heaven?

by Pamela Ng 22 Dec 2017

If exercises were to be likened to people, the practice of lifting weights would be the fiery character that goes all-out for everything while yoga would be the calm and peaceful soul who prefers taking everything as it comes. Despite the contrast, the two share a more synergistic relationship than most would realise.


What yoga does for weight-lifting


In yoga, there are many poses which train you on establishing your balance and increasing your body’s flexibility. Furthermore, yoga is able to train muscles that are essential for maintaining stability and preventing injuries.


All these can help to improve your performance in the gym. With more balance and stability, your body is able to carry out exercises in a proper form that can optimise your results and prevent any strain or injury.


To those who are not familiar with yoga, it may be surprising to know that yoga does in fact train your core muscles. When you’re better able to engage your core for strength and balance, you will find that lifting becomes a bit easier and also safer.


What weight-lifting does for yoga


Yoga stances are not all about balance. They require an element of strength too, and that’s where weight-lifting can serve its purpose.


Weight-lifting is a great way to gain strength. And with that, yoga poses can be completed more efficiently. As a result, those who are more adventurous can gain the ability to try more advanced forms of yoga.


There is also the aspect of body awareness which comes with lifting weights that can benefit your yoga practice as well. While many might think of it as simply tossing weight from point A to B, seasoned lifters can attest to the importance of “feeling the muscle” as it works. This mind-muscle connection is just as crucial to strength training as it is to mind-body activities like yoga.


Like Yin and Yang, weight-lifting and yoga can complement each other and help take your fitness to another level. They may seem very different, but opposite do tend to attract! Regardless of whether you find joy in holding asanas or smashing PRs, doing the other activity once or twice a week can benefit your current practice and fitness greatly. After all, if something’s already good, why not make it better?