Your guide to throwing a zero-waste party

Your guide to throwing a zero-waste party

by Muhaimin X 16 Aug 2018

Having a party is always a great deal of fun, but it can also be a waste-free affair for everyone and the environment. There have been numerous initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and it’s high-time that parties become part of the revolution that is the zero-waste movement. Here are some tips you can use as you work your way towards being an eco-warrior/party planner: 


1. Use digital invites.

Overlook the need to send paper invitations for your party. Instead, send out a Facebook invite or a text message on mobile to your invitees. Turn it into an exclusive event on Facebook and go with online RSVPs instead.


2. Get resourceful with cutlery and utensils

Use glass bottles or reusable utensils at your parties. Mason jars are a great addition to any party because they look good and are multi-functional as well – they work both as containers for leftovers and as makeshift mugs!


3. Forget traditional decorations.

Ditch the balloons and party poppers and use fairy lights or succulents instead. They provide a fresh burst of colour for the decor and can really liven up the interior of any home.


4. Craft a healthy, eco-friendly menu

Shop for fresh produce at wholefood resellers and don't forget to bring your own cloth bags to the market! Glass bottles are the perfect alternative to plastic bottles and it gives you the perfect excuse to whip up your own beverages. For example. mixing herbs like mint into an infusion of cucumber with chilled ginger tonic is sure to quench everyone's thirst! If straws are a concern, opt for stainless steel ones so that you don’t have to throw them out.


All it takes are a few tricks to make your party habits more environmentally-friendly. While it may be near impossible to keep things fully waste-free, that’s no reason to trash your zero-waste aspirations. Stay green and keep your parties fun for both your friends and the environment!