Training tips - How to bench press

by Andyn Kadir 10 Sep 2017

Daphne from Strength Avenue walks you through the correct way to do a bench press.


To set up for this movement you would need to:

Ensure your shoulders, head, and butt are on the bench. Feet firmly planted on the ground.

Lie in a position so that your eyes are directly under the bar (as demonstrated in the first part of the video).

When unracking the bar, ensure your elbows are directly under the bar so that it minimise strain on  your wrists.

Bring the bar to a position above your chest that requires the least effort to stay in place, so you don't feel like you constantly need to balance the bar with your wrists.

If you grip the bar wider than shoulder width, ensure that your elbows follow in a wider arc, away from your torso. This works more of your shoulders. If you grip the bar at shoulder width or a narrower grip, your elbows should remain close to your torso. This works your triceps more.

Lower the bar in a controlled manner to your chest, and touch your chest lightly without sinking the bar into your chest. The position at which the bar touches your chest will be different for both wide grip and narrow grip, and also depends on your limb length.


Want to learn the difference between this and a powerlifting bench press set-up? Ask Daphne here.